The Meaning of Lucid Field

Remember the mystical energy field alluded to as The Force by the Jedi in Star Wars? It interpenetrates us and surrounds us. Tapping into it was key for the Jedi's success. Hold that concept as you read on.

San Diego - Lucid Field's HomeLucid implies transparent to light and free of obstructions to the expression and realization of clear intention. Field is the potentiality from which well-being arises. The name Lucid Field TM represents the clear, dynamic, intelligent, infinite self-aware multi-dimensional consciousness within which healing can be accessed.

This subtle fifth dimensional energy field is where the unmanifest lies ready to be activated. Modern physics is just beginning to understand this level of reality. Tapping into this field can be easier than it sounds - simply set your intention, breathe and focus your attention. Lucid Field has been created to take you to that powerful place.

Located in the sunny San Diego region of southern California, Lucid Field, Inc. was founded with the vision of harnessing technology to accelerate conscious growth and foster wellness at all levels. Our products make biofeedback and self-empowering healing modalities accessible to the modern day individual.

The Vision - Wellness in all dimensions propelled by technology and personal growth

Global consciousness must shift for this planet to thrive. Such a shift must come from within. One person, one moment, one breath at a time. Lucid Field's intent is precisely this - nudging the consciousness to a higher vibratory level step by step. However we don't need to do this from fear of extinction. Instead it can be a joyous and conscious choice motivated by our desire for fuller expression of our true nature. We invite you to join this shift.

Modern man has at his disposal a range of sophisticated technologies, such as the smartphone. The smartphone, while being a powerful communication device, can also be stress-inducing in a rather relentless manner. Can we put this technology to use to take us closer to an inner place of serenity and well being?

Using smartphones for growth and wellness

If we harness technologies like biofeedback, the smartphone can become a partner in improving our health and well being. Lucid FieldTM envisions such a world, where relaxation and self-empowering healing modalities are accessible and usable. We can leverage the smartphone to do just that. And that is simply a good beginning.

Exciting as it is, this smartphone technology is but one facet of our platform for wellness. The Lucid FIeld Wellness Platform is based on a grand vision of wellness that addresses the many dimensions of our existence. To quote the Jedi Master Yoda, "Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter." Lucid FIeld is pioneering a higher-level notion of wellness that is suitable for the self-empowered individual who is driven by the desire for personal growth and who is ready to leverage technology to amplify access to the infinite energy field around.

Intrigued? Share your thoughts and perspectives with us.

The Origins of Lucid Field

Suresh RamaswamyEnamored with the interplay of subtle energy, consciousness and technology and their ability to impact personal growth and wellness, Suresh (pronounced sōō・ray・sh) Ramaswamy was led to found Lucid Field to bring his vision of a higher wellness to reality. In his words, "Consciousness and energy precede physiology. When we shift to this paradigm, true wellness naturally flourishes."

A visionary entrepreneur with multiple technology patents and a successful track record conceiving breakthrough ideas, and nurturing them from seed stage to real-world business engines, Suresh Ramaswamy has held leadership positions in several high-tech companies. He has a graduate degree in electrical engineering from University of Southern California.

He is passionate about igniting and catalyzing transformation of consciousness, and brings a lifelong interest in personal growth.
Suresh is a one-of-a-kind bright light, someone who literally embodies the very higher frequencies of Light that he teaches us about. When being taught, helped or guided by Suresh, you will find yourself being transformed and awakened at levels much deeper than his words. If you peer deep within Suresh’s heart, you’ll find there a vast soul bubbling with infinite love and compassion for every element of your being.
        —Bill Bauman, Ph.D., Modern Mystic and Spiritual Awakener

         Author of Soul Vision and Oz Power, Co-founder of World Peace Institute and The Center for Soulful Living

At San Diego Community College and OASIS Institute, Suresh teaches Transform Your Life, a new course designed for the expansive times we live in. He also periodically speaks on personal growth topics at The Philosophical Library, Controversial Bookstore and Ascension Bookstore, all in the San Diego region. He also leads workshops on life transformation, and delights in working with individuals one-on-one through the Lucid Field Radiance life coaching program. You can watch a recent interview with Suresh on Conscious Awareness TV.

Suresh serves as International Advisor to Neuro Health Foundation, and as a patient care volunteer at the Hospice of North Coast. He directs and coordinates Wellness in all Dimensions, a monthly seminar series in the San Diego area. He is also a Reiki Master.

Suresh has contributed to More Java Gems, a book on software design published by Cambridge University Press, and also co-authored articles published in Journal of Object-oriented Programming, Java Report, and other technology journals.

With his background as entrepreneur, engineer and executive, he brings an inspired yet pragmatic approach to elevating the level of well-being on our planet. You'll often find him enjoying walks on the beach, reading, and playing table-tennis.
Suresh’s energy is Divine. I really think his energy hangs out in the angelic realm, deep in the cosmos, guided by evolved beings to help the human race transcend limited beliefs.
        —Marie Manuchehri, RN, Internationally Known Energy Intuitive

        Author of Intuitive Self-Healing, Host of radio show Where Energy and Medicine Meet

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