You are a radiant loving being. Let this radiance shine through. When this happens, all aspectsRadiating joy can be your natural state of your life fall into place. You recognize that all is well. You feel whole, and joyful.

Lucid Field Radiance TM (LFR) is a spiritual life coaching approach based on timeless spiritual wisdom traditions. Let us help you live from this radiant place within.

How It Works

If one radiates a vibration corresponding to a high state of consciousness, this emanating vibration creates a field which imposes a higher order on events unfolding continually in ones life. This is perceived as joy, and is accompanied by increasingly satisfying external circumstances.

In order to do this, it takes intention, clarity, and alignment. Intention is a well-defined aspiration. Clarity is clear seeing by removal of any obscurations from past events and momentum therefrom. Alignment represents congruence with a higher order.

Lucid Field Radiance life coaching has made a remarkable difference for me. It has given me better clarity and a broader perspective for taking life decisions, especially in my job and career. Wholly recommended!
N.C., High-tech professional, Bay Area, California

The Process

Our approach starts with compassionate listening without judgement. Wise insights open the doors to acceptance. A broader perspective and understanding of the current life situation leads to a richer set of options to pursue.

Now we are at a different vantage point... the mind follows a different internal locus of thought guided by inner sources. Stabilizing in this new internal locus results in an immediate feeling of completeness and stillness. Clarity emerges from this stillness giving rise to courage to pursue a set of actions that become self-evident.

All areas of life are positively impacted leading to a new lifestyle based on a spiritual outlook that encompasses the present life and more.

What It Takes

Lucid Field Radiance coaching is the catalyst that takes your intention and courage and propels you to take wise action. Transformation ensues.

Intention + Courage -> Coaching -> Action  -> Transformation

Admittedly, this approach is not for everyone. You have to feel a strong urge to understand reality, use those insights to drive change, and take action. A certain “ripeness” is essential. Undoubtedly this takes courage. Inner change is not always pleasant while it is happening, even though it is birthing something quite wonderful.

Our goal is not to advise you on a specific course of action for different aspects of your life. Or even to ascertain who is right or wrong with respect to past events. We respect your free will. We want to empower you with a broad understanding, shine a light on rich possibilities that lie ahead, and equip you with tools that will allow you to determine a specific course of action.

Is this right for me?

Are you ready for this approach to coaching? The following questions will help you to make that determination.
If your answer to one or more of the above is in the affirmative, you should consider Lucid Field Radiance coaching.
I have been dealing with challenges on several fronts over the past year including financial and family issues. Spiritual life coaching techniques from Lucid Field administered with great patience enabled me to rise above emotional entanglement and accompanying illusions, leading to more balance and a better quality of life.
R.J., Nuclear Engineer, Southern California

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