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Elements of an Evolved Existence

We are conscious beings on a journey of expansion. As the mystic Teilhard de Chardin stated, “You are not a human being in search of a spiritual experience. You are a spiritual being immersed in a human experience.”
Consciousness is continually expanding and evolving. As conscious beings, we are experiencing this evolution all the time.Quote There is an evolutionary impulse that continually propels us forward. At first, it is largely unconscious. As the journey continues, we become increasingly aware that we are on a journey. When the evolutionary impulse becomes conscious, it progresses from being intermittent and minuscule, to being continuous and immense. This impulse amplifies in the presence of intention, attention, and quietude.  We can look back and see the evolution we have undergone over the past several years. The more we see that we are on this journey and the more we perceive the movement towards increased consciousness, the more we feel inclined to speed it up. The journey becomes exhilarating. We start feeling the movement and possibilities in every moment. We see the array of choices increase. The process accelerates as it approaches the key milestone where the individual separate-self identification dissolves. Even as we want to speed things up, we also relax recognizing everything is moving at the perfect pace.
Undergoing this journey of evolution is our primary purpose for existence. It is a relentless process, and the ensuing transformation is imminent.
As beings on this journey, we may wonder “What are some attributes of an evolved existence?” Recognizing and cultivating these attributes can be useful on the journey. What is the path on which we are travelling? Are there distinct levels that are discernable, and spoken of by those who have gone ahead? Let’s explore these questions.
Continuum of Consciousness
Even though as humans we are all conscious, our level of consciousness is not the same. It varies considerably even though the external packaging can belie the internal level of consciousness. The level of consciousness of a being at a point in time falls within a continuum of consciousness. This continuum of consciousness is the entire range or spectrum of consciousness that is possible.
The spectrum of consciousness ranging from perceived separateness to realized unity, is shown in the diagram below.
Continuum of Consciousness

Ordinary human consciousness is rooted in separateness with existence in the physical where 3D space, time and matter are the primary reality. Spirit consciousness is etheric and pure being-ness.

SpeedometerEven while we inhabit a body, our consciousness can be at any point in this spectrum; it does not have to be at the ego level. Imagine a speedometer-like gauge for level of consciousness. The needle shows the primary identification of a being at a point in time. This primary identification is indicative of ones level of consciousness and represents the current state of evolution of the being. As a person evolves, their external appearance may not seem any different, but their internal point of identification keeps shifting upwards.
Ego consciousness at one end of the continuum is the familiar state of being identified Quotewith the body/mind matrix trapped in the space/time continuum with a compelling storyline with which we find it hard to separate ourselves. We are matter bound in this state, and find ourselves craving for material experiences.
A significant leap happens when the identification shifts to spirit as soul. In this superconscious state, one perceives reality in a more fluid energetic state. The body/mind is seen as a grosser manifestation of subtle energy. There is a natural detachment towards the body/mind and a feeling of neutral indifference towards it. The soul has a multi-incarnation perspective. It’s objective is to optimize learning across time-frames beyond a single lifespan. This is already a much more expansive and big-picture view compared to the ego-centric body-bound view. However, there is considerable room for further expansion!
The next quantum leap takes us to a state of unity with the entire creation. Every atom of creation and every creature in the entire universe is seen as being part of oneself. A large perspective indeed. One is beyond the limitations of space and time.
Finally, to complete the picture, at the other end of the spectrum is Cosmic consciousness, where ones identification has even transcended all of creation, and is one with the Pure Spirit beyond creation. This lofty state, though a rarified state, is still real and attainable. It is the most expansive state one can conceive of. However, intellectually it is hardly describable.
Level Identification Description Constituent Identity
Ego Consciousness Ego Separate entity with body and mind located in 3D space and time Matter I am body and mind
Superconsciousness Spirit as Soul Individualized spirit indifferent towards the body and mind Energy I am Self
Unity Consciousness Spirit in Creation Oneness with all creation Idea I am Creation
Cosmic Consciousness Pure Spirit Oneness with Pure Spirit beyond creation Pure Consciousness I am

Characteristics of Evolved Consciousness
Beings that are evolved share some common characteristics, regardless of the specifics of the path that they have traversed. Key elements of such an evolved existence are outlined below. Simply being aware of these characteristics, and introspecting on them in conjunction with a spiritual practice that includes meditation, starts bringing one closer to it and makes one a more perfect instrument of the Divine.
Each characteristic below is first defined in general terms followed by one more specific to the topic at hand. It is then briefly described with an image that assists in understanding and internalizing the concept. Finally a question that serves as a trigger for introspection is presented.

Alignment Definition
Arranged in a straight line, or in correct or appropriate relative positions. Lined up with the Divine.
As the agenda of the ego is dissolved, the being finds that it’s aspirations, actions, attitudes, internal space are in alignment with the Divine.
As an aircraft prepares for landing, it lines up with the runaway as it reduces its altitude. This alignment with the runaway is critical as it gets closer to touchdown to ensure a smooth landing.
Introspection trigger
Is my primary life intention in alignment with my Higher Self?

Integrity Definition
The state of being whole and undivided,  internal consistency. Every part or facet has the same agenda as the whole.
We are facets of a whole with each facet including the information contained in the whole. So each facet has the same internal agenda as the whole, and is intrinsically connected and resonant with the whole. When we live from a place of integrity, we act in a way that automatically balances out the differences and tensions between individual parts.
An image-hologram can be broken up into smaller pieces, but each piece has the ability to recreate the same image as the whole.
Introspection trigger
Do any parts of my psyche have their own agenda that is different that my primary life purpose?

Authenticity Definition
Of undisputed origin; faithfully resembles an original. Genuine, accurate, veritable.
Living authentically means living from a place that is 100% genuine. All thoughts and actions flow from a non-conflicted place of verity.
A priceless jewel or timepiece or the Declaration of Independence document.
Introspection trigger
Are my speech and actions accurately reflecting my intentions?
Congruence Definition
In agreement or harmony, identical in form; coinciding exactly when superimposed.
Congruence results from the coincidence of the individual self with the Higher Self or Divine. So there is an exact match when the “shapes” of the self and Self are superposed.
Two identical geometric shapes.
Introspection trigger
Are my choices in people I choose to spend time with in congruence with my highest intention?
Coherence Definition
Logical and consistent, united as or forming a whole, having a constant phase relationship. Each wave or facet is in phase with the Divine.
Coherence in living comes from a timeliness with respect to being in sync with the Divine. So doing the right things at the right time on this plane driven by a higher plan would result in coherence.
Music or waves in phase with each other.
Introspection trigger
Are my intentions, thoughts, actions in sync with my highest aspirations?

Purity Definition
Freedom from adulteration or contamination, Every layer down to the core has divine urge. No separate agenda.
When the earthly manifestation is free from any contaminants, we are living a life of purity.
Clean glass of water
Introspection trigger
Are they any corrupting ingredients in my mental content?

High-fidelity Definition
The fidelity of the reproduction: accuracy, exactness, precision, preciseness, correctness; strictness, closeness, faithfulness, authenticity, faithfulness, loyalty, constancy; trueheartedness, trustworthiness, dependability, reliability, allegiance, obedience. Precisely faithful and loyal to the divine. No distortion of source energy. Pure channel or conduit for spirit.
Identification with the individual ego and it’s schemes cause distortion in perception as well as in action. When this distortion is eliminated, you have a hi-fi reproduction of the divine on earth.
Re-creation of sound with no distortion
Introspection trigger
Am I being a high-fidelity receiver for intuitive messages from my Higher Self?

Clarity Definition
Lucidity, clearness, coherence; transparency. No obscuration. No impedance. No internal friction. Transparent.
The transparency of an evolved soul results in Divine Light coming through clearly with no obscuration or impedance.
Looking through a clear glass.
Introspection trigger
Am I crystal clear on my life purpose and  intention in all interactions with the world?

Subjective Experience of Evolved Consciousness
The subjective experience of an evolved consciousness is beatific and sublime, as described below.
Pure Joy. Pristine, unalloyed joy. Feeling like one is bursting with ecstatic bliss. A sense of exultation from marveling at the glory and perfection of everything.
Connectedness. Everything is “us” or everything is “me” and thus not separate. Existence feels complete and whole.
Now-ness. Everything is now.
Expansiveness. Continuously growing to cover more space in dimensions beyond 3D.
Lightness. Lack of mass or weight or density. And full of light.
LinearThe journey of consciousness, especially as one is a little further along, can be delightful and joyous. Advancement is not linear. Considerable distances can be covered in an instant, when the conditions are right and there is inner readiness and thirst. As paradoxical as it may seem, the journey culminates with the realization that one in essence knew even at the very beginning (at the deepest level) the same realization that emerged at the very end of the journey.

This article is from Suresh Ramaswamy, creator of Lucid Field.

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