Tools and Resources for Personal Growth, Transformation and Wellness

Personal Growth, Transformation and Wellness involve shifting the level of consciousness. Articles and resources presented here provide insights on this topic, and also serve as an adjunct to Lucid Field Radiance life coaching.

Crucial Wisdom
Elements of an Evolved Existence
Take Your Life To The Next Level
Radiance: Experiencing Divine Presence
The Benefits of Mystical Oneness
Levels of Consciousness
Oneness: Our Heritage, Our Path, Our Destiny

Crucial Wisdom

Elements of an Evolved ExistenceElements of an Evolved Existence

Consciousness is continually expanding and evolving. As conscious beings, we are experiencing this evolution all the time. There is an evolutionary impulse that continually propels us forward. At first, it is largely unconscious. As the journey continues, we become increasingly aware that we are on a journey. When the evolutionary impulse becomes conscious, it progresses from being intermittent and minuscule, to being continuous and immense. This impulse amplifies in the presence of intention, attention, and quietude.

What does the spectrum of consciousness look like? As one evolves, what types of characteristics are exhibited? This article shines light on this fascinating topic.

Radiance: Experiencing Divine PresenceRadiance

In this book, Gina Lake provides a beautifully written, easy-to-read, yet remarkably insightful view of the how accessing and living from an expansive consciousness looks like.

Download this 50-page PDF ebook, which describes how to experience the Divine in the world in simple ways by being present.

The Benefits of Mystical Oneness

Benefits of Mystical Oneness

This book is for Mystics: The seeker whose soul yearns to become One with the Divine. There are three levels on the Path of Mystical Oneness.

This book covers the benefits of each level. Before we can do this though, we must first understand the difference between a spiritual seeker and a mystic.

SimplifySimplify Life

Imagine you’re trying to create your masterpiece — a work that will change your life and perhaps make the world a better place in some small way. You’re at your computer, making it happen, at a desk piled with clutter, surrounded by clutter on the floor and walls, in the middle of a noisy workplace, phones ringing. A notification pops up — you have a new email — so you open your email program to read it and respond. You get back to work but then another notification pops up — someone wants to chat with you, so you go on IM for a little bit. Then your Twitter client notifies you of some new replies, and you check those. Then you see some paperwork on your desk you need to file, so you start doing those.

Simplification is an essential element for developing focus, which is essential for letting the creative juices flow. This article provides numerous suggestions on how to simplify your life and work environment.

Levels of ConsciousnessLevels of Consciousness

In the book Power vs. Force by David R. Hawkins, there’s a hierarchy of levels of human consciousness. It’s an interesting paradigm. If you read the book, it’s also fairly easy to figure out where you fall on this hierarchy based on your current life situation.

From low to high, the levels of consciousness are: shame, guilt, apathy, grief, fear, desire, anger, pride, courage, neutrality, willingness, acceptance, reason, love, joy, peace, enlightenment.

While we can pop in and out of different levels at various times, usually there’s a predominant “normal” state for us.

This article discusses the Hawkins model of levels of consciousness.

Oneness: Our Heritage, Our Path, Our DestinyOneness

This eBook is a delight and an adventure. It describes how our true nature is oneness, and how the consciousness of oneness is indeed the destiny of every human being. This oneness also implies that we are powerful creators. Celebrate, embrace oneness and create from this unified place is the core message of this book.

This book is being offered here with the kind permission of Center for Soulful Living, the organization founded by the author Bill Bauman and Donna Bauman.

Download this 108 page ebook in PDF format.