Wellness goes beyond merely physical fitness, good nutrition, or being disease-free. It means being whole, and aligned in all dimensions - physical, emotional, spiritual, so as to fully engage life, create, grow and contribute unimpeded by limitations.

Lucid Field Wellness Platform
True wellness is more than good health
Traditional healthcare has become a reactionary system that deals with managing symptomatology with near-term goals of providing relief, using drugs and surgery as primary weapons. It has evolved out of our consciousness in the past few decades, leaving the disempowered patient at the periphery of the healing process. While it has significant issues, let us acknowledge and honor it, even as we look at transforming it. Emerging out of this system, it is worthwhile examining what real wellness looks like.

Here at Lucid Field, our concept of wellness is much broader than the usual sense of the term. The attributes and internal experience of a person who exudes wellness are:
Certainly a very desirable state to be in!

Wellness springs from inside and floods the outside. It is apparent on the outside as joy, and feelings of completeness, fullness, and peace. Inspired by this concept, Spring TM, a multifaceted wellness platform conceived at Lucid Field, brings together the components needed to lead society to a new level of wellness and healing. Spring TM includes wellness centers, retreat centers, software and technology, life coaching, and more.
Approach and Philosophy

A holistic approach inspired by naturePersonal growth, we feel, is a very important element as one seeks wellness and healing. After all, we are here to learn life lessons, and evolve. Wellness must take that into account and support it.

Electronics and communication technology has rapidly evolved in the last decade. However, its utilization for wellness, has been limited. Leveraging technology, with its compelling attributes of ubiquity and low-cost, to foster wellness, will make a tremendous positive impact on global wellness, and we want to spearhead that shift.

Physical well being is best achieved by taking a preventive approach... Staying healthy is a lot easier than getting healthy. Furthermore, when there are issues, a holistic, and integrative approach, that comprehends the gestalt, and then uses the most appropriate healing modality, is our preferred strategy.

The aesthetic design of our centers and the caringness that pervades our interactions is nature-inspired. We believe nature offers a wonderful exemplar of many principles we abide by.

Getting Real - you can be involved

As you might imagine, making the Lucid Field Wellness Platform real is a multi-year effort, involving many individuals, and partners. We are at the cusp of taking this concept from the ideational realm to a more concrete form, in a pragmatic and incremental way.

If our vision resonates with you, and puts you in a state of excitement thinking about the possibilities, let's talk! Perhaps you would like to contribute in some way... either through offering your skills or products, or volunteering, or donations; we would love to hear from you. Please contact us at wellness [at] lucidfield.com. If you happen to be in the San Diego area, we could even meet to exchange ideas and explore synergies.